Booting from 2nd hard disk ?



Need some advice on the following:

Current setup is HD-1 Primary SATA DRIVE AND primary boot drive Portioned
into 2 parts C:\ Boots to XP Pro and D:\ Boots to Vista Home Premium via
Vista's boot loader so currently I choose either XP or Vista
much disk space left on either drives)

I have a 2nd HD which is the primary PATA drive and split into F:\ and G:\

How can I install Vista to F:\ and use it for Vista and still leave C:\ for


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John Barnett MVP

Start the Windows Vista install and then, when asked where you want Vista to
install, direct it to partition F on your second hard drive. I have windows
Vista installed on my main hard drive and Windows 7 installed on my second
hard drive and i have no issues. Just remember to uninstall your copy of
Vista from your D: drive because you can't have two copies using the same
product key (license) on the same machine.

When you come to activate your new installation over the internet you will
probably get a 'this product key is already in use' error. If this happens
you will not be able to activate over the internet and will, instead, have
to activate by telephone. See this link from my website:

John Barnett MVP
Windows XP Associate Expert
Windows Desktop Experience


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