Boot Up Issue



Hello Everyone,

Hope this is the correct place to post this question,

I recently noticed, that while my computer is booting, "after" the Windows
splash screen, yet "before" the user login screen, I now get this MS XP blue
screen message that says the following:

(ssiefr.e program not found - skipping Auto Check)

After this message displays for several seconds, the message disappears, and
the typical login screen appears, I can login okay, and all systems and
software seem to work perfectly fine, no problems at all.

I did a search on my computer, and I did find a very similar file named:
ssiefr.exe it is located at the location of C:\Windows\System32

I've run full Spysweeper and NOD32 scans, and nothing found.

So, my question is , what the heck is going on, and how do I eliminate this
blue screen message at boot time?

All help, empahty, and support is deeply appreciated,

Robert S.
03/05/07 at 11:29am PST






Hi George,

You were correct, it is a SpySweeper issue.

Here is what I did to fix it, I've copied you a post I had with a man named
"db" at the XP general discussions forum"
Hello again db,

Well, the file named ssiefr.e that was showing up at my system boot, was in
fact from Webroot's SpySweeper program that I have installed on my machine.

I called Webroot, they provided a system uninstaller, I ran it, and "still"
the problem exists.

So, i re-contacted Webroot, and while I was waiting Webroot's response, I
took your advice and downloaded the "Autoruns for XP". I found it by typing
"autoruns" at google.

I downloaded it, ran it, and sure enough as you suggested, I found the
registry sting that was a problem.....I edited the string (actually deleted
this problem file ref), and voila, no more problems.

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