Boot.ini file problem!



My kids computer won't boot anymore! I get the following error when trying
to start it,

"Invalid Boot.INI file
Booting from C:\windows\
I/O error accessing Boot sector file

I know that the operating system is on the D: drive (partition 2).

My kids are very young and they only use the computer to play games and do
homework. I have three limited account setup for them to use and they can
NOT access my administrator account. How did they mess up the operating
system if they only use limited accounts? Is there anything else I can do to
prevent them from doing this again. Pleeeease help me fix this if you can!!

Thank you very much.




Do a search on the Microsoft site for this error. I had a friend's computer
do the same thing and you can repair the boot sector using your Windows XP
disk. Search Microsoft for the procedure.



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