Boot error: \boot\bcd



Every time I try to install I get:

Windows cannot start. A recent hardware change may have caused this (blah

And below that:

File: \boot\bcd
Status: 0xc000000e
info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data

This happens when it reboots after 27% of the 'expanding files' process.

Colin suggested the 'load drivers' button during install, but it didn't

No matter what I do, I get this same error - regardless of what partition I

P4 3.4
WD 300GB on SATA (Channel 3)
Sammie 40GB Primary IDE
Sammie 120GB Secondly IDE

That's my system.

Anyone got any ideas?

If it's any interest, I had no such trouble with earlier betas.


Dennis Pack said:
See my reply to your post from yesterday.

Yup, thank you for that. It put me on the right path. I changed HD boot
order, and am now typing to you live from Vista.

Thanks again.

Timothy Daniels

Try Googling for "\boot\bcd error". You'll get dozens of hits.
In this NG, it would help to list how you partitioned your HD
prior to installing Vista, and whether there are any other OSes
on the HD, and how many HDs you have in your system, and
which partition is marked "active" on the boot HD.


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