Book2 on open; click on X's twice to close Excel 2007?



I had a very annoying quirk that suddenly appeared in my work copy of Excel
2007: whenever I opened Excel, I was presented with a blank workspace. I was
accustomed to seeing Book1 and a blank spreadsheet. When I clicked on the New
icon, I always started out with Book2! This was the first book I created, why
should it be Book2? Also, everytime I tried to close my session of Excel, I
would click on the upper right X and the file would close, but the
application would not?! I had to click on the same X a second time to close
out the whole application. In reading several posts in this general questions
thread, I did some experimentation with the contents of my XLStart folder.
There were two files in there originally: PERSONAL.XLS and PERSONL.XLSB. When
I opened each of these files, there was a small range selected, and a value
in cell A1. since these were nothing I remember ever creating, I deleted the
data, deleted PERSONAL.XLSB, and moved PERSONAL.XLS to the My Documents
folder. I then closed Excel and re-opened it: Book 1 was created and ready to
use like a blank canvas. When I clicked on the Close X in the upper right
corner, Excel closed completely, just like it did initially. I then inspected
the VBA code I was storing in the Personal.xls and moved it all to a general
module rather than in the This Workbook section. I also deleted an empty
Private_Sub_Open macro that was in PERSONAL. I saved Personal.xls, exited
Excel (with one click, still), and re-opened Excel - it opened with Book1
showing, no Personal.xlsb, and it then closed with one click on the X as it
was suppposed to. Not sure which of these steps actually did it, but, now
Excel operates as I'm used to seeing it.
Thanks to all the MVP input, I now am much happier with my copy of Excel
2007. This forum is definitely a tremendous resource!


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