Book(s) suggestion for learning .net



I am a C, C++, Python, Ruby, RoR programmer. I would like to teach
MS .net programming to someone with basic programming skills. I would
like to hear some recommendations on the books, I believe a book with
less emphasis on depth and one which is oriented for hands-on learning
by making the reader do a project through the book i.e., some project
oriented book might be 'a' good choice.

Thanks in advance.


Joseph Geretz

Focuses on the semantics and constructs of the language(s). I recommend it

You'll also want a framework documentation for whatever aspect(s) of the
platform you're going to develop on; WinForms, ASP.NET, Web Services,
ADO.NET, etc.

Hope this helps,

Joseph Geretz


A great book about is written by david sceppa.

Now - this book shows you examples ( code ) but is not like a "school book"
with a chapter where you 'create' a project. It explains the side
from a bunch of different examples. (not project oriented)

I refer back to this book constantly

For a project oriented book you might want to see what book your college /
university has on its book list for a .net course. Usually those have the
'projects' in them that the teachers teach, and just get one of those.


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