Book Fold Portrait Orientation - Word 2007



Is there any way to override the automatic landscape setting to portrait
orientation with book fold in Word 2007?

To get the portrait orientation, with forced landscape orientation using
book fold, I changed the paper size to 8.5 by 11. This gives me both the
auto page numbering and correct print layout I want, but it creates a
conflict with the printer stating margin error and mismatched paper...
although there is not.

I can get it to print one booklet at a time, but I need 65 printouts.
Copies of a print will not do. I also have 3 other booklets in queue that
have the same issue. These are long booklets and maintaining the auto page
numbering and book fold layout is ideal.

Any suggestions?


To answer my own question, the fastest solution I found was to use Publisher.
There is a template already set for creating a booklet in portrait and all I
had to do was adjust the margins. I wanted to figure it out in Word so I
would it would be easier on my coworkers, but a little tutorial from me shall
bring them up to speed with Publisher for this project.

Any other ideas for Word 2007 are still appreciated.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

To clarify, are you wanting each page to be 4.24" wide x 11" high? Because
that's what you're describing. If you want pages 5.5" x 8.5", then you must
use landscape orientation because Word is putting two of these portrait
pages on a landscape page.


Correct, about 4.24" wide x 11" high is what I wanted. In the case of the
Publisher template, it measures at 4.25" x 11" and creates no printing
issues. Noting the other dimensions mentioned, it makes sense about the 5.5"
x 8.5" and landscape orientation. Thanks!

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