Book about using VBA to run SQL queries with results put in Excel



Hi, Are there any books out there that will help me learn how to use VBA,
SQL and Excel all together? I'm intermediate at Excel and understand macros
and some coding, but when it comes to querying an SQL database, I understand
how to write the queries, I get lost in how to get the results into the
Thank you.




I would go to ca good bookstore and look at the Access and Excel Programming
books. You dont find a lot of good information on SQL with Excel but you do
find more with Access. The commands are a little different in Excel but once
you learn the basic technique and learn the differences (between excel and
Access) it is not too hard to apply one language to the other. When I have a
book I often find it answers all the questions except the one I'm looking
for. the only way of finding the book that is right for you is to look at a
bunch of books and find the right one. There are books on SQL, books on Ecel
Macros, books on Access macros. Not much on cross applications where you are
using excel to get data from an Access database.

Basically all Office applications have the same structure. They can contain
multiple objects like tables , documents, drawings. In Access the tables are
databases and excel they are worksheets but they are exactly the same in
structure. In excel you have a random access of the table, in Access you
have to move to the location by moving up rows and columns.


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