Excel + Query Tutorial Recommended?



Can anyone recommend a good little online tutorial so that I can get
started with manipulating my excel SQL queries. I have managed so far
to link up excel to the database and pull out a table, add in some
criteria (ie dates etc), applied a sort field and refresh. However I
want to understand a bit more about how to pull out two tables and
link them together, and this is where (as a beginner) I am getting
stuck. I do not need an intense SQL certification course or anything
like that, just a tutorial about how to edit and manipulate SQL
queries in excel. If anyone can point me in the right direction I
would be grateful, everything that I have found so far is way beyond
what I need to do technically.



Bob Phillips

What are you suing for the query, MS-Query or ADO?

If the former, isn't there a wizard to guide you through that?



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