Blue screen after installing AVG Antirootkit



I downloaded and installed a free version of AVG Antirootkit to make sure no
Trojan Horses etc were on my system. (XP Home on a HP Pavilion Laptop)

After the requested reboot Windows showed the dreaded blue screen, advising
me to uninstall any antivirus programs as they might cause the problem.

But trying to boot in Safe Mode(s) and last known good configuration all
results in the blue screen
Stop error 0x000000... (Machine reboots before I can read it)

Blue screen also advises to do a chkdsk /f.
I boot up using a bootable DVD (made from Nero) but any attempt to use dos
commands from the C: drive on the laptop results in errors such as "Won't run
in dos mode" etc.

I don't have recovery discs, but a D: partition on the Laptop, but that
partition does not show on the dos boot.

Is there any way of getting rid of the Antirootkit program from the dos

Any help appreciated.

Best Regards


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