Blank Screen



I have terminal server running on W2k box in application
mode. There are lot of applications running on the box. I
connect to this box from tsclient and get a blank screen.
Sometimes It just sits there for ever and if I get lucky I
do see the desktop after 5-10 minutes. This behaviour is
happening on couple of W2k servers.
All the application are in-house application built to run
on Terminal server.

Any help is appreciated.

Matthew Harris [MVP]

Does this happen on all user accounts?

Does this happen from all client computers?

Have you tried adjusting the MTU size on your network card


Matthew Harris [MVP]

I don't see how enabling keep alives will solve this

Anyways, does this problem occur right after they logon?
If so, have you tried giving a test account a new profile
to see if the same problem occurs?

If it occurs right on connect _before_ you get the logon
screen, then you might want to adjust the mtu size. The
problem may be that pakcets are being dropped.;en-us;q314825


Colin M. McGroarty


The keep alives certainly couldn't hurt. I often see symptoms similar to
what Shobha is describing as a result of disconnects leaving multiple
sessions open. Enough open sessions and the performance of the box as a
whole will suffer. Anyway, it's a simple adjustment and can certainly be
done in conjunction with the MTU change.


Colin M. McGroarty

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