BJC-4300 T-shirt transfer printing


Tim Knight

I am having quite a bit of trouble after printing a couple of images in that
the orifices in the cartridge holder seems to get plugged. After washing it
out with isopropyl alcohol and reinserting the color and b/w cartridges, it
seems to work fine for a while.......then it plugs again.

Several questions arise:

1. Is there a way to remedy this with reconfiguration of the software?

2. Is there a better cartridge holder more suitable with large ink-flow

3. Should I be advised to purchase a separate printer just for T-shirt
printing, and if so, which one?





Michael Grey

Do you leave it set idle for extended periods?
If so take out each cartridge and give a few whacks against a paper towel.It
should start the ink flowing again.
It seems that Canon inks from this era will form a skin in the cartridge and
whacking is the only way to break it.

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