best scanner for 120 and 35mm (within reasonable price)


Mike Henley

I just bought a 120mm (6x4.5) camera (Fuji GA645) and I am looking to
have my films developed only with no prints as this seems the most
reasonable option economically.

What film or flatbed scanner would you recommend?

Is a film one better or a flatbed one better?

Does resolution matter over a certain figure (?2400dpi)? by that i
mean is there an actual improvement in the image quality?

I wonder if you could suggest two options please...
1. assuming that all i would want the scanner for is to view on the
computer and then if i want a print then i'd have it professionally
printed, so really, i want a cheap good enough one.
2. a good enough scanner that'd generate images from the medium format
negative of a high enough pixel count that'd beat the current state of
the art digital. (14 megapixels?)

Also, are the canon ones any good? what's the cheapest good enough
canon i can get?



Also, are the canon ones any good? No.

what's the cheapest good enough
canon i can get?
There isn't one. IMHO, of course.

Go for an Epson scanner. If you can't afford the 4870, see if you can
get a 3200. However, there isn't really a scanner which is good for
both, so aim to get a scanner for what you are most interested in - if
it's 120, make it a flatbed. Otherwise consider a cheaper flatbed plus
a dedicated 35mm scanner. As it is, the best flatbed which would do
both is the 4870.

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