Best tabloid/wide format flatbed scanner



Want to scan large notebook sheets -- 10"x12" is what
I actually need, but tabloid 11"x17" seems to be the
smallest common size that'll do that.
The notebooks contain handwritten notes, no photos,
so I'd like good high contrast, good resolution, etc,
and pdf output. Also, the notebooks are about 1" thick,
so flatbed cover would optimally be hinged, or otherwise
accommodate thick original whose pages I'm manually
turning (no sheet feeder needed). Also, I run linux
(slackware 14.1 at the moment), so would prefer good
support for that. Can do Windows if really, really necessary
(but I can also stick a needle in my eye if really necessary:).
A while ago, I got a PlusTek OpticPro A320 dedicated
scanner. Long story made short: it's expensive and it sucks.
Am now looking at multifunction stuff like HP 7610
and Brother MFC-J6920DW (also -J6520DW and -J6720DW).
Comments/reviews are kind of all over the place, though
maybe about two-thirds positive for all above models.
And some stuff is just weird -- e.g., amazon comparison page
says MFC-J6920DW has 2400dpi resolution, whereas it says the
other two have 19200dpi. I'm having trouble believing that.
Of course, all reviews mainly focus on printing, whereas I'm
mainly interested in scanning (though good printing would
be nice, but only if it's >>in addition<< to good scanning).
Where can I find solid info/reviews, particularly for
scanning? And info about linux support? And any other
manufacturers/models you think I should be considering?

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