Best Practice for Storing Old Information


Blake Kaos

My OL2007 (Enterprise) has bloated up so much that it now refuses to
download more mail. I have deleted all large files, archived mail folders
and compacted the working .pst file - all to no avail. Perhaps it is the
size and number of archive folders which has bloated OL - that is just a
guess on my part.

So what is the best way of handling this? Can I just back up the archive.pst
files on another drive and then delete them from the main OL directory? How
else can I slim down the archives without discarding them permanently?

Are there any online resources detailing the best practices for storage
using OL? Can someone please point me to the relevant URLs?



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

How big is your PST file? Is it an Unicode format or ansi? (outlook
2003/2007 or outlook 97/2002). Unless the drive is full, the number of psts
shouldn't be a problem, although I would move the oldest to backup media and
delete them from the hard drive.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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Blake Kaos

The main file (with subfolders) is 1444089 KB.

It is in ansi format (I think) and I would love to know how I could convert
it into Unicode (which I believe tolerates larger file sizes)

The drive is definitely not full - there is a lot of unused space.

Can I simply delete the old archive files without impairing the
functionality and then create new archive files from now onwards?

Thanks for your help.


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