Beatles chart in Canada before "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

Discussion in 'Printers' started by Taliesyn, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. Taliesyn

    Taliesyn Guest

    Beatlemania was in full swing in Toronto by the time "I Want To
    Hold Your Hand" debuted the CHUM 1050 Toronto chart (the Top 50).

    "She Loves You" debuted the chart on December 2nd, 1963.
    "Roll Over Beethoven" debuted December 23rd.

    By the time "I Want To Hold Your Hand" debuted on January 20th,
    at #40, "She Loves You" and "Roll Over Beethoven" were #1 and #2
    respectively on the Chum Chart.

    A Top 40 chart from CKEY in Toronto, dated December 20, 1963, shows
    "She Loves You" at #10, up from #31. This is before the release of
    "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

    In Montreal, at CFCF 600, "Roll Over Beethoven" debuted January 11th,
    1964, also before "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

    Living in Montreal at the time, I recollect hearing "I Want To Hold
    Your Hand" for the first time between Christmas and New Year's, 1963.

    All Beatles releases in Canada appeared on Capitol Records of Canada.
    The early Beatles releases that didn't have a simultaneous US Capitol
    release carried the "72000" series numbers. When US Capitol finally
    picked up The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand", the series number
    in Canada carried the US Capitol "5000" series number - 5112. It
    always puzzled me back then why the Beatles releases in Canada carried
    two different sets of numbers in the beginning. Yes, even at age 15
    I was already noticing things ;-)....

    Taliesyn, Jul 20, 2004
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  2. Taliesyn

    Taliesyn Guest

    Taliesyn posted blindly in the wrong newsgroup:
    My absolute apologies.... Sorry, wrong newsgroup!

    There WERE no inkjet printers before the Beatles.

    Taliesyn, Jul 20, 2004
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  3. Taliesyn

    Ron Cohen Guest

    No apologies needed, it was an interesting post and I'm glad to see there's
    someone else on the board who is my age! BTW, I still have the mono 'Meet
    the Beatles' album I got when it first hit the shelves. Only problem is I've
    unhooked the turntable and don't have any way of playing it now. Guess I'll
    just have to listen to a CD. To put this somewhat back on topic, just think
    of the printers that were available before the Beatles - Teletype, mainframe
    line printers i.e. IBM 1403 and typewriters with an interface. It wasn't
    until the introduction of the early dot matrix printers like the IBM 3284
    that printers began to come down in size. Even then it would be quite some
    time before the first commonly available consumer printer came out. I got an
    IBM 5152 (rebadged Epson MX80) with my first IBM PC. It was a real speed
    demon at 80 cps. Even with my 50% employee discount, the thing still cost me
    $550.00. I think it would be safe to say that we get a little more bang for
    the buck now than back then.
    Ron Cohen, Jul 20, 2004
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