BCM Search does not show results


Eddie H.

Currently we are using BCM 2007 with about 10 users attached to our database.
We have multiple users having issues with the following:

The users input a name in the search text box under Business Contacts and
hit enter. The name that they input is a name that has been modified in the
past. But when the search finishes, BCM indicates that there is no such item
found. This occurs with any names at random. In order to temporarilty
address the users issue I have them click on mail in the navigation pane and
then click on contacts to get back to their BCM. Some of the users have
success when using this method but some do not and have to completely close
Outlook. IS there anything that I need toi be looking at in order to make
sure that the search is working correctly.

Alos they all have the search indexer enabled and working correctly on their

Thank You

Raul Thomas

Can you give me the operating system details and if we also have windows
desktop 4.0 installed ?


Rahul Thomas


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