BCM and Outlook offline !?! - "Infomation store could not be opened"



Hi there,

I have just installed the updated Business Contact Manager.
With the previous version, I never had any problems working in an
offline environment.

With the new version, every time I start Outlook offline, I get an
error message saying 'information store could not be opened' and I
don't see the BCM menu and I have no access to BCM data.
If I start online and then switch to offline, the problem does not

My outlook is set to work with an Exchange server.

Can anyone help me ?



Hello, I'm having the same problem as the O/P, and my Outlook is set to
Cached Mode.

However, the odd thing is, once I click "OK" on the error message, my data
"appears" to be there. I'm not confident that everything is available, but
what I've needed so far is.

Is this just a bug in the system? How can I check to see where my BCM data
file is being stored?



Hi there,

My Outlook is also configured in Cached Mode but this does not help.

Regarding your data, they are not lost but you can not do anything
with. If you try to open a business contact, you will get an error
message telling you that the form can not be loaded.

If you start Outlook online and then switch it to offline, there are no
problems anymore. This all looks more like a bug in BCM 2.0.

I'm still searching for a way to start Outlook offlien and have access
to my BCM data.


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