BCM & Accounting 2008 project tasks ??



I use BCM and accounting 2008 for a new business I am strating. I use BCM
projects and BCM project task to organize jobs. I do not use jobs in
Accounting 08.

I create a project with several billable tasks, I seem to only have an
option to create an invoice from each project task! I would like to send out
an invoice for the entire project not a seprate invoice for each project
task. Am I missing something???





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Sounds like a desirable feature: convert a project into an
opportunity, with each project task as an opportunity product, then
invoice the opportunity.

The reason it doesn't work that way may be that each discrete task may
be assigned to a different job, and that information would be lost if
they were all rolled up into one invoice, then there wouldn't be a way
to recompense the contractors assigned each job for their tasks.




Luther et all, I have finally decided that OA will not really work well for a
contractor based business and am converting to a competitive product. BCM has
similar problems. to may way of hinking the Opportunity should be used during
the prospecting stage of a sale and then the information gathered from that
process converted to a project after the contract is signed. From there there
should be billable tasks that can be added to the project and invoicing done
with those tasks as the line items in the invoice. If MS was really on the
ball that invoice would be integrated into OA. However, as I said before OA
is a mangled mess and going that far is way more than we'll get at least in
the near future. Jim

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