BCM 2007 Shared Database on member Server 2008 in SBS 2008 Domain


Andrew Parker

We have recently upgraded our servers to 2008. Small Business Server 2008 with Windows Server 2008 (32) as a member server. The member server is running Sql 2005 Standard and Sql 2008 Standard. Clients are all running Windows 7.

I am currently having issues with a shared BCM 2007 database on this member server. All was working perfectly before the upgrades. I created a new database with BCM database tool. I then restored a backup tacken from the old 2003 server. I then shared the database with the tool adding the users.

All works 100% for all users who are network administrators (even if they were NOT included in the databse share!?). However, users who are standard users cannot connect to the shared database. The error message says "Cannot find BCM database on computer".

I tried logging into the same PC with different user names. It only work for the administrators. I could make all users in my domain administrators and then they can connect but I feel this should not be neccessary.

Does anyone have a better idea than making everybody administrators?

I have asked this question on ther forums but no-one seems to have an answer.

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Kyle Joiner

I am having the EXACT same issue, down to the T. We took the same upgrade
path you did about a month ago and still haven't found the solution. If I
figure it out I will let you know.

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