Battlefield 2142



Well I seem to be one of the many people having problems with Battlefield
2142. It was bad enough that I removed Vista from my system and reinstalled
XP (which works just fine). But before I throw Vista in the trash, i thought
I would try one more time since EA basically is of no use....

I have a brand new Compal Hel 80 notebook with a Core2Duo 7200 chip, 2 gigs
of memory, and a Nvidia GO 7600 video card.

I had a hard time finding drivers for the Nvidia video card, but finally
found some at I believe the model I used was the
97.46, but I'm not 100% on this. I've looked again and it seems the 97.19
might be the better video.

Anyway, everything installed just fine once I was able to find Nvidia GO

The next thing I did was install Battlefleld 2142 (my favorite program). No
matter what I couldn't get it to work. Once again I'm not 100% I had the BF
2142 update installed or if I tested it before loading the update.

Either way the game never started. It would always say enter the correct
disc even though the purchased disc was in the drive and it only comes with
one disc. I played with the compatability settings, administrator settings
and the security settings mentioned on EA's website. This did not help and
one time caused the computer to lock up with a flashing screen.

No matter what I did I never got the program to get past the initial loading

My question is before I throw out Vista, are there any recommendations to BF
2142 to work properly? And any updates/downloads I need for this to work? I
currently do not have Vista installed.


Dale White

Well, I hope you're not actually going to throw out the disc. In a year or
so, I'm sure you'll want to use it. it seems Vista has a bit of problems
with the different Piarecy protections of some CDs\DVDs. Shame that after
this time EA won't remove the Copy protection, Like Supreme Commander did in
only 3 weeks of their game being released, because it was wreaking havoc for
laot of people.

My first thought would be to suggest going over to and
trying a CD or DVD crack. This might cause a problem for On-line, play but
if nothing else, might allow the game to run once. Though your laptop
appears to be fairly new, you might look around and see if there is a
firmware update for the CD DVD drive.

The current patch level for BF2142 is patch 1.20. You cna grab it at places
like and

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