Barcode Fonts



I am trying to have a barcode print on a report. The font I am using is not
39, but it is a font that came with the thermal printer software. How do I
install a font into a database so that is will show the barcode on other
computers that do not have the font?

I installed the same thermal printer software on 2 different computers.
When I open the report on the computer that I made the field into a barcode
its fine. When I copy the database to the other compute (with the same
printer fonts), the barcode turns into text. Then when I change the font on
the second computer you can see the barcode. Am I doing something wrong?



Douglas J. Steele

AFAIK, you don't "install a font into a database". Fonts come from the
operating system, so you have to install it on the machine separate from
copy the database onto the machine.

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