Thermal label printers


Al Campagna

I'm researching a thermal (roll type) printer for barcode labels.

The client is looking at a Zebra printer, which, from my understanding is Unix based.
Therefore, there is an intermediate program needed between Access and the printer.

I would prefer to just go with a TryeType BarCode font in Access, directly to the thermal
label printer.

Has anyone had any experience with a good working setup as described?
(Brother and Dymo seem to have them)

Thanks in advance,
Al Camp
Candia Computer Consulting - Candia NH


Thanks for the input. So Zebra printers do have a Windows driver that
will allow me (other than utilizing your tip) to directly print barcodes and
text to it?

The label should be all just fields of numbers, or text, or barcode
numbers, so I'm not sure if, or where, in the label design I would
re-interpret the linefeed.

I developed a label program a few years ago in A2003 that went to a Zebra
(not sure of the exqact model). My labels would print just fine on any ink
jet, and we could read/scan the labels just fine, but nothing we did could
get that Zebra to print, at all. Tried serial and parallel, reloaded
drivers, but nothing would work. Customer called Zebra and they were of no
help at all. So I'm a bit gun shy with Zebras right now.

I want to try a more mainstream thermal printer. Something like Brother
or Dymo.

It may be a while before we actually decide on our setup, but I'll try to
pop you a note later and let you know how we made out.
Thanks for the reply,

Al Campagna

Apologies Arvin,
I was still signed on with a psuedonym I use for several other "non-Access" groups.
Al Campagna

Fred Boer

Dear Al:

In my small library setting I have used a Dymo thermal printer to do
barcodes with my Access application. No difficulties at all... Well,
actually that isn't true; I have had an issue with labels fading - but I am
not sure whether this would be an issue for you...

Fred Boer

Al Campagna

That's very interesting. I think it may have to do with "thermal print" vs. "direct
thermal print". I'll web that to learn more about it.
Fading IS an issue with the client.
I'll post back with my findings.
Thanks very much...

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