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Greetings all...

I have been tasked to come up with the ability to scan labor tracking
information into my Access database using a CCD Hand Held scanner (By Generic)
. Here's the big issue...I have never used a scanner nor programmed MSAccess
(2003) to read from the scanner.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the best place to go to learn how to develop
VBA code to do this? or is there a better way?

The task is...
#1. Scan via barcode: workCenterID
#2. Scan via barcode: workerID
#3. Scan via barcode: projectID, ItemID
#4. Capture currentDate, currentTime at time of #3 scan
#5. All scanned data directly into a table (#1, #2 #3 and #4)
#6. Print the appropriate Barcode (#3) on traveler

Sort of a "clock in/out" of a project. Nothing fancy.

Any thoughts were I can get help on this?
Thank you,

Archimedes' Lever

Damn, Doug...I think that Steve guy may have actually straightened his
ass out!

It great what a little prodding of someone's pride will do.

After all, it was pretty sad to defy the group's spirit like that.

And so blatantly too!

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