Backup scedules; Not allowed


Theo Tulley

I have WXP-Pro fully updated (auto) and live alone so I am the
Administrator - but when I set a scheduled backup using the wizard I am told
I do not have permission - Error: x80070005: Access is denied. (Question
originally posted 5/11/04:00.03).

"Hugh" (6/11/04:12.36) kindly advised:
In Help and Support look up "Backup".
Select "Add a user to the backup operators Group".
Follow the directions,try backup again.

I cannot see Backup in Help and Support - through Computer Management I get
to the wizard but see no option to follow that advice. I have used
Start/Search and tried to find an unspecified file containing the above
phrase but it reports none found in C:\ - after an incredibly brief search.

Shall be grateful for more advice. Is there a more relevant Newsgroup? I've
looked at General, Help and Support, and Performance Maintenance but don't
see this kind of question.

Yours hopefully, -

Theo Tulley.
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