Backup/Restore Desktop Problem



I have both a PC with XP Home & a Laptop with XP Profesional.
Am trying to copy the Desktop Icons from the PC to the Laptop.

The laptop presently shows a double set of my copied Icons.
1. How can I clear the Laptop?
2. Where do I copy the Icons from (on the PC) & where do I restore
them on the Laptop?

My 1st effort was to use Backup & copy Docs & Settings/All
to the same location on the Laptop.
2nd effort was to use the Files & Setting transfer Wizard.

Both completed but still have a mess on the Laptop Desktop.
I assume Windows stores the Desktop file somewhere but I cannot locate

Thanks for your help.





The desktop icons are usually located in

C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Desktop

in your PC as well as your laptop. You should also copy the All
Users\Desktop in the PC to the All Users\Desktop in the laptop.

Clear your laptop desktop icons before doing this if you want an exact copy.

But I don't think the *arrangement* of the icons will be copied though.
Someone else will have to advise us on that.

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