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I cannot get this program to back up to my dvd rw drive. It says 'the backup
filename could not be used. "E:\BUtest.bkf" Please ensure it is a valid
path, and that you have sufficient access'.

I normally have no problem writing to this drive although I may need to drag
and drop and then burn. If I try to back up to C, which is obviously
pointless, I do not get this message.

I had other backup software on trial and it successfully backed up to this E
dvd drive when it was selected.

Can anyone advise please? Surely it's pointless buying backup software if
there is some already installed on my computer. Thank-you.


Then, HELP is incorrect.

In HELP for Backing up Files and Folders, media is defined as "Any fixed
or removable objects that store computer data. Examples include hard
disks, floppy disks, tapes, and compact discs."

So MS says you can.

I used the Microsoft Backup that came with Win98 to backup to CDR/CDRW.
It is/was licensed from Seagate.

Backup (Advanced Mode) in XP is jointly owned with Veritas and the
screens are nearly identical to the Backup that came with 98.

I'll let you know how, or if, it goes, when I get a chance to try it.

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