Backup Domain Controller for Diaster Recovery!



Ok I have two windows 2003 Domain controllers. La-dc1, la-dc2.

La-dc1 is a tree root of a forest. It has Global Catalog enabled.

La-dc2 is the second Domain Controller for our domain.

When we tried a test where we turned off la-dc1 and only la-dc2 could
communicate with the forest after about 30 minutes we could not log on to
la-dc2 server even with a domain admin account. I had to log in as an admin
to the server.

How can I make this server have the ability to act as the main DC and allow
users to authenticate to it when the primary is down?

I have been hearing to make them both Global Catalog enabled but this other
server is on a 100k connection and will only be used in a diaster situation.
Is this still the only way to go?

Can anyone help me with this?



Mark Renoden [MSFT]

Hi Donnie

On Domain Controllers, there is no local admin account ... it IS the domain
admin. Are you sure la-dc2 has been promoted to be a in the forest root
domain? It sounds like it's acting as a member server if a local admin
account exists.

Kind regards
Mark Renoden [MSFT]
Windows Platform Support Team
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