Backing up - which files?




I'm using the MS utility to back up Outlook 2007 on a Vista Ultimate
machine. (I've read here that all I need to do is copy the .pst file but I
already have the utility installed, so...)

When I go to backup, these are the choices the utility gives me

each of my aol accounts (i.e., (e-mail address removed), etc.)
my other non-aol email account (on a private domain)
archive folders
personal folders

If I leave the email accounts checked off, indicating I want to back them
up, what am I backing up? The emails in the inbox, or all emails in the
account, including sent folder, etc.?



The MS Outlook back up utility simply makes a copy of the pst files
selected, which contains all data, named backup.....pst
(all data means whatever you see in your current data file)

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