avi file extension issue


Kev Jay

Hoping someone can resolve this issue.

i can select and move imagery in the .avi format (best for playback on DV
devices) off my dv camcorder into MM and then edit and save to a drive as
required. However, when trying to import back into MM, edit and then send
back to my camera the SW crashes/freezes. This does not happen for any other
file extension i choose at the start of the process.

Does MM have an issue with .avi files and how do i get around it, as i'd
really like to take advantage of the picture quality .avi files generate.


an avi file is compressed with a video and audio codec.... there are many
codecs and Movie Maker only gets along with some of them....

see my website's Import Movie Source Files > Video > AVI page.... for info
about converting them into ones that will work, before importing..

Graham Hughes

If I'm right, you capture from your minidv cam as a dv.avi file. Edit and
want to send back to your cam.
You can't as it crashes.
You need to be using firewire.
This may be caused by a problem with the hardware, a broekn/bent pin on the
cable or firewire port. Try testing with other known to work items.
Try another piece of software, just in case, windv is very small, free and
works very well.

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