avi conversion



All my avi converter applications have stopped working!
I have formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP.
I have tried installing all the codec packs I can find (not all at
once, of course).
All to no avail. It doesn't matter what avi file I try to convert (to
mpg), or which piece of software I use to do the converting.
The errors I get seem to be different almost every time. Sometimes when
I use Cucusoft the program fails part way through the video conversion
stage and sometimes the video conversion completes but the program
fails part way through the audio conversion.
When I try to use TMPGEnc 3Xpress sometimes it causes my PC to freeze
(so requiring me to reboot my PC) and sometimes just fails to complete
the conversion process.

Has anyone got any clues as to what is wrong?

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