AVI capture



When I try to capture in WMM 2.1 from a DV camera connected by Firewire
to the PC, the camera is recognized by WMM, I have selected to save the
capture as an AVI file. The capture process appears to working until I
stop the capture and click the Finish button. At this point I get an
error that reads "Abnormal program termination". The error message has
an OK button, when clicked WMM shuts down. If I do the same exact
capture except set the capture to be a WMV file every thing works fine.
Is this a Codec problem I am having (what ever a Codec is)?

By the way I have tried to go to PapJohns site and can not make a
connection. Anyone else having this problem???


Been sitting here trying to get more data on my capture problem. The
full error message reads: Program:C:\Program Files\Movie
Maker\moviemk.exe Abnormal Program Termination>

Could I have a corrupt WMM program and if I do were can I get a new
download of WMM.

Also tried capturing small clips from my DV camera in every setting in
WMM. All the capture formats under Other Settings work except for
DV-AVI(NTSC). Also if you check "Digital Device Format (DV-AVI)" it does
not work. Captureing under Best for computer (WMV) does work.



My first suspicion to problem specific to DV AVI falls on mis-registered
DLL. Execute the folowing line on Start->Run dialog to eliminate this

regsvr32 %windir%\system32\qdv.dll

It should result in "RegisterServer succeeded in qdv.dll" message.
Afterwards restart WMM and try capturing.


Thanks Rehan for the suggestion, tried it, did get the message but still
have the problem.

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

Yes, I'm having the problem with my site too... the server went down
yesterday morning, right after my son left for a 3-day camping trip. My site
is on his server, and I don't have any forecast yet.


Movie Maker 2 and Photo Story 3 - www.papajohn.org
Photo Story 2 - www.photostory.papajohn.org

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