Average formula




I have a formula that works out the average of four miles per gallon
figures. =AVERAGE(G2,J2,M2,P2)

Basically I am going to automate the values in those cells with a forumla
also. My problem is that sometimes the formula will be returned as a #DIV/0
which in turn makes the average #DIV/0. The formula in cells G2 etc will
calculate the Miles Per Gallon that an employee has claimed their private
miles at so if these cells represent each week of the month there will be 0's
sometimes if they have not travelled any private miles within that week hence
why there may be #DIV/0 in the miles per gallon figures.

I need the formula to do an average of those four cells using the value only
if it isn't #DIV/0. Is this possible?

The formula that will be in G2 etc will be =(F2*((T2/S2)*4.54))/H2

Translated this is

=(private miles*((cost of fuel used/litres of fuel used)*4.54))/amount paid
for private miles

Which then gives the miles per gallon that they have calculated their
private fuel costs at.

Thanks in advance for any help.




I must be getting better at this than I think, I have answered my own

I have not changed the average formula instead I have:


for the miles per gallon.

Any glaring errors or more efficient possibilities??

Mike H

Another way would be to check for zero in those 2 cells




That's fine, but taking your original formula:


then if this produces the #DIV/0 error it must be because H2 is zero.
So, another way of avoiding the error (and reducing the number of
brackets which are not required) is:


Hope this helps.



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