Available Position: ASP.net/VB.net


Erich Kolb

R&B Solutions, a leader in medical receivables management, is currently
recruiting for several .Net developers who have in depth experience with
ASP.net, VB.net, XML, XSLT, Web Services, and SQL 2000 technologies.
The role requires both broad and deep technology knowledge and the
ability to develop a solution by mapping a business problem to an
end-to-end technology solution.

Demonstrated ability to engage in mid to senior level .Net technology
development, the developer should have the ability to develop complete
life cycle of large and complex projects. The potential candidate must
be able to apply advanced analysis skills and experience in principals
of software design and deployment to define appropriate customer solutions.

To be credible he or she must have current and deep experience with the
implementation of large enterprise networked computing environments
including directories, messaging, collaboration, and application
support. He or she should also have a deep understanding of platform
and industry security and a history of planning and implementing
solutions for large enterprise customers.

The mid to senior developer should be well versed in developing
presentation layer, business layer, and data layer components and
development opportunities while continually driving add-on business
within existing projects. When asked, developers should be able to help
translate business requirements into functional and technology requirements.

The developer must have proven experience developing projects through
the entire project life cycle. This includes developing and maintaining
multi-phase/multi-dimensional/multi-resource projects to conclusion
while maintaining high customer satisfaction. The role requires an
individual who is resourceful, confident under pressure, and meeting
deadlines in tight schedules.

Required Skills:
Excellent understanding of OOP methodology
At least 2+ years in developing core classes on the .NET framework
(VB.net, ASP.net, ADO.net) XML, HTML, DHTML, Java script, and MS-SQL
Server 2000
Expertise in writing web services and business logic components based
on design specifications from the requirements documents.
Strong server side coding skills and a good understanding of data grid
and repeater controls.
Extensive experience in using ADO.net
Documentation both in line and design docs
Ability to design and implement user web controls for the presentation
Strong SQL skills

The successful candidate should have a bachelors degree or equivalent
work experience. Certifications are a plus. We are looking for
experienced individuals who are located in or around the Chicagoland
area to be part of this exciting team.

Please forward your resume in text format to (e-mail address removed)

Roland Hall


Take your recruiting spam to a recruiting site and consider rewriting your
ad so it doesn't read like an HR person put it together. I dunno where
Chicagoland is but it's not in here.

Roland Hall
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or fitness for a particular purpose. */
Technet Script Center - http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/
WSH 5.6 Documentation - http://msdn.microsoft.com/downloads/list/webdev.asp
MSDN Library - http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp

Kevin Spencer

In addition, it should be noted that a requirement for this job is that you
have no compunctions about working for a company that SPAMs newsgroups to
recruit employees. If you have no scruples or intelligence, and have no
problems working for a company with no scruples or intelligence, this is
probably right up your alley!


Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP
..Net Developer
What You Seek Is What You Get.

news:[email protected]...

Scott M.

1. You clearly have no respect for the newsgroup forum by posting
solicitations here.
2. You clearly are ignorant as to what "Netiquette" means by the numerous
cross-posting of your solicitation.
3. You clearly don't understand the ramifications of posting your actual
email address in public places. And so, you deserve the barrage of spam
that will surely result from it.

Scott M.

Please do not use this space as a help wanted area. Also, please respect
the Netiquette of the newsgroup system by not cross-posting as well.

By doing these 2 "no-no's", you are projecting an image of R&B Solutions
that is contrary to what you would like people and organizations to think of
you as.

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