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This is a major company located in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Full
company benefits are offered with this career position. Working conditions
are said to be excellent, and advancement opportunities exist. Local and
regional candidates will have first choice, but all will be considered.

If interested and qualified, answer the seven questions at the bottom of
the page. Email answers

WITH a resume that reflects the needed skills to: (e-mail address removed).


Successful candidate will be a member of a global software development team
and have responsibilities related to the creation and maintenance of
information & engineering systems supporting business processes of various


Bachelors degree (or equivalent) preferably in computer science, information
systems, engineering, or a related discipline and a minimum of four (4)
years of directly applicable software development experience.

Complete understanding of the software development life cycle, excellent
leadership skills, excellent communication skills, and a passion for
customer centricity.

Candidate must demonstrate a proven ability to plan, design, develop, and
document complex client-server and web based software using the following

- Visual Basic .NET


- Visual Basic 6.0

- Oracle and SQL Server databases

Preferred Skills:

- Java

- Java Script

- Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

- Apache / Tomcat

Position located in Fort Wayne, IN

Email answers WITH a resume to (e-mail address removed).

1.. Web base experience -------------------yrs
2.. VB experience ---------------------------yrs
3.. ASP.NET exp ----------------------------yrs
4.. Oracle and SQL server databases ------yrs
5.. Java ----------------------------------------yrs
6.. Citizenship Status ------------------------
7.. Salary requirements ---------------------K + full benefits

Kevin Spencer

So? It IS Usenet.

Assuming you're a programmer, I'm going to explain the flaw in your logic.

Apparently, you're implying that because this is a "Usenet" newsgroup, it is
logical to post any kind of message to it. Usenet is a messaging system.
However, it is not a single messaging system, even though all Usenet servers
use the same protocol. A protocol is a standard for messaging that enables
diverse systems to send, receive, and understand messages from each other.
The use of a single protocol by multiple systems is common. For example,
almost all traffic on the Internet is sent via TCP or UDP.

In fact, like the WWW, Usenet has many servers. Each server may host many
newsgroups. Each newsgroup is a logical grouping of messages, which is
further broken down into hierarchies of subjects. The reasons for this are
the same reasons that your hard drive is divided up into logical groupings
of files in a hierarchy of directories. Files are easier to find when they
are logically grouped. In Usenet, the information that one is looking for is
easier to find because of the logical grouping of newsgroups, and the
hierarchy of subjects.

The reason why it is not logical to post a message on a newsgroup that is
not relevant to that newsgroup's purpose is to maintain the logical order
that enables users to find what they need or want quickly. Messages that do
not fall into the category of a newsgroup's stated purpose disrupt the
order, and make the medium more difficult to use.

The best test of any behavior is to imagine what would happen if everybody
practiced it. If everyone posted any message willy-nilly on any newsgroup,
newsgroups would become useless. They would simply be containers of random
messages, none of which would necessarily have anything to do with any of
the others. It would be akin to taking an encyclopedia, removing all of the
pages from all of the volumes, and replacing them in random order. One would
have to start at the beginning and scan every page until one found the
information one was looking for, every single time one needed to use it.

Apparently, at some point in our history, one or more people had the idea of
organizing things logically, for the purpose of optimizing time spent
looking for things. The human race has been doing this for our entire
recorded history. Perhaps it's a good idea.

So there.


Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP
Chicken Salad Surgery

Expect the unaccepted.

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