automating mp3s in powerpoint



First of all, is mp3 the ideal format for narrating a PowerPoint slide

I've got it so that the mp3 automatically fires up when you enter a new
slide. In addition, I would like to have it where when the narration
ends -- when the audio clips gets to the end -- the slideshow advances
to the next slide where a new mp3 file will start up. How would you do
such a thing?




Wav file would be a better format since only wav file can be embedded into
PowerPoint, which will reduce the problem of broken links.

To allow wav files to be embedded, check Quick Fix for WAV Sounds here:

Now, insert your narration through Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from
To have your slide advance automatically once the narration is over, click
Slide Show > Slide Transition.
Under advance slide, put a checkmark on Automatically after. Do NOT apply to
all slides.
Shawn Toh (tohlz)
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP PowerPoint)

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