Automatically PDFing attachments and original e-mail in particular order



Dear Friends,

I am trying to get a process down to as much automation as I can with
as little user intervention as I can.

I would like a way to do the following with all new e-mails that are
received by a particular e-mail POP3 account:

1) PDF the new e-mail
2) PDF each attachment that came with the e-mail
3) Put them all in ONE new folder
4) Mark the e-mail as read
5) goto step 1 (until all new e-mails are done)

I know this is asking alot. I would appreciate any help I can get to
this process.

Thank you so much,

Eric Legault [MVP - Outlook]

First, you'd have to assume that the Adobe PDF Printer driver is installed,
AND is the default printer. The only print method available in the Outlook
Object Model is Item.PrintOut, and you can't control anything with regards
to the print job as it uses the default print settings only. Just fire and
forget and hope for the best.

You also can't print attachments from Outlook. You'd have to same them to a
file and use some other interface to print them.

Eric Legault [MVP - Outlook]
MCDBA, MCTS (Messaging & Collaboration, SharePoint Infrastructure, MOSS 2007
& WSS 3.0 Application Development)
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