Rule Wizard and script to initiate e-mail


Hii Sing Chung

Dear experts,

I am not familiar with Outlook VBA.
I would like to accomplish 2 tasks using Outlook's rule wizard:
1. Whenever an e-mail arrives from ePO server as virus alert with subject
"Virus Detected and NOT removed - computername" (The computername is a
variable, it is the hostname of the computer that has been infected with
virus). The rule should then run a script to compose an e-mail To helpdesk,
cc to Security Monitoring Group, with the same subject and attach the mail
from ePO server.
2. If 9 or more e-mails arrive from ePO server at the same time as virus
alerts with the subject "Virus Detected and Removed - computername", the
rule should run a script to compose an e-mail To helpdesk, cc Security
Monitoring Group, with the same subject and the attach all the mails with
the same timing and same subject.

Can someone give me a idea how I can start? An example with me helpful.

Sing Chung

Sue Mosher [MVP]

1) See for an example of a
"run a script" rule to process incoming messages.

2) How do you define "at the same time"? To implement something like this,
you'd need to use a Win32 API timer and the NewMailEx event discussed in
that same article, rather than a rule.

Hii Sing Chung

Thanks. "at the same time" I mean the sent time for these e-mails are the
same. I think the e-mail has a property called sent. If there are 9 or more
e-mails having this property value exactly the same (same date, same time),
then trigger the script to create an e-mail and attach all these 'same time'

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