Automatic Paragraph Numbering - Indenting



Can anyone tell me a simple way to change the indenting for automatic
paragraph numbering without needing to re-set it for each new document or
each time I re-set the numbering in a document.

I have created and formatted a style for my preferred numbering. My
formatting is always applied to each new document with the exception of
indentations. The list always defaults to a pre-set indentation (the first
line/number has a hanging indent at .25; the second line/number has a hanging
indent at .75, etc.). I want my numbering to be aligned as follows:
1. Number located at left hand margin with hanging indent at .5';
a. Number located at .5 with hanging indent at 1";
i. Number located at 1" with hanging indent at 1.5".

I have tried setting this up in my normal and creating paragraph numbering
in style set but neither of these have worked.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Stefan Blom

The key is to set up the indents via the numbering options (not via the
Paragraph dialog box). If you are using Word a version older than Word 2007,

If you are using Word 2007, you can set up a list style with the desired
settings: Click the Home tab of the ribbon | Multilevel List | Define New
List Style. After it has been properly setup, with numbering and indents, it
will be listed under "List Styles" when you click the Multilevel List

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

in message
news:D[email protected]


Thank you for your help. It was definitely simple and I feel rather stupid
for not figuring it out myself. Your help is much appreciated.


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