Automate Zipping of All Files in a Certain Directory Between Specific Dates

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On XP, I am looking to create a Windows *.cmd file to automate a
procedure that
consists of zipping all of the files in a certain directory which were
created between
2 specific dates. (Should I posting this question to a different
group; If so, which

Thus, the procedure would be something along the lines of:

Input#1: Filename of Zip File to be Created (Say, "C:\zips
Input #2: Filename In Which Files that are to be zipped reside (Say, C:
Input #3: Dates of Files to be Zipped (Say, Feb1 to Feb8 Inclusive).

In this case, this would create a zip file of the Feb1 to Feb8 logs in
c:\Logs\SystemA directory.

Can this be done with WinZip Pro? If so, does anybody have a sample
or can anybody provide the link for a sample script?



I used to use winzip, 'command line' interface and I'm fairly certain it
will zip files between specified dates & located the result where you
The problem might be if you wish to keep amending dates.
I am however 'dredgeing' my memory
Doesnt Winzip Pro have a web site / tech Q's?

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