autofill series



I was showing someone how cool the Autofill/Custom Lists were. She had a
list of 30 names. We highlighted those 30 names, clicked on the Office
Button, Excel Options, Edit Custom Lists, Import (the range was already there
because we highlighted.) The list of 30 names showed up in the list of
Custom Lists...we saw it. But when I opened a new file and typed the first
two names in, then dragged, it just kept repeating the first two names,
instead of filling the 30. What did I do wrong? Or is there a checkbox
somewhere that enables the fill option?



Bernie Deitrick


Works for me the way you describe (repeating the first two names) only if I hold down the Ctrl key
as I drag the fill box. Otherwise, the full list is generated, even if I only have one name

Try pulling the list using a cell with just the first name of the list...

MS Excel MVP

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