Autocorrect problems with formatting



G'day, After recently upgrading to Office 2007, I am having problems with my
autocorrect text. I write technical papers and like to have autocorrect
automatically add subscripts etc. so I save my autocorrects with formatting.
In Word 2003 this worked fine but now I find that when the autocorrect does
its thing it changes the font etc from what I am working in to what it was
when I saved the autocorrect. Now I am spending as much time correcting the
changes in font as using the subscript button! However, I want to persist
with the autocorrect because I have SO many chemicals etc to type and they
all have subscripts and superscripts.
Any help would be really appreciated!




Graham Mayor

This should not occur provided you don't save the paragraph mark that
follows the formatted autocorrect entry when entering the formulae one to a
line in order to create the entry. See also the item Format part of a found
text string in a list of items at

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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