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How do you create an Autocorrect entry in Office 2007 which includes a
carriage return? I used to be able to do this in previous versions of Word
by using F9.

For instance I want to be able to type "ADDRESS" and the autocorrect entry
to appear as:

1 The Road
The Town
The Country
124 8908

Many thanks,




Graham Mayor

The process is exactly the same as it is in earlier versions, however the
autocorrect function is found at Word Options > Proofing.

Select the address first then run the autocorrect tool.

F9 is the shortcut to update fields - just as in earlier versions.

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Stefan Blom

To create a formatted AutoCorrect entry: Type the text in a document, select
it, and then click Office button | Word Options. In the Proofing category,
click the AutoCorrect Options button. On the AutoCorrect tab, you'll see the
selected text in the "With" box, and the "Formatted text" option will be
chosen already. Under "Replace," type the desired sequence of characters
that should trigger the autocorrection. Then click OK twice.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of AutoText entries, the keyboard
shortcut to create one is Alt+F3. Note, however, that Word 2007 does not
support inserting AutoTexts via AutoComplete (that is, Word 2007 will not
suggest an entry that you can add by pressing Enter). Instead, you will have
to type the name of the AutoText and then press F3 to insert it.

FWIW, by default the F9 shortcut has nothing to do with either AutoText or
AutoCorrect; instead it updates the selected fields (unless you reassigned
it to do something else, of course).

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