auto signin change from admin to user


Dave Patrick

You can run regedit.exe and navigate to;
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
edit the Reg_Sz string values
to reflect the correct username and password. (note: the password for an
autologon account can not be blank)



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| How do you change w2k Pro signin from Admin to auto sign in to user?
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| Ben B Reade


Or you can do this if you dont like the registry

Go To Start-Settings-Control Panel-Users And Passwords
On the users tab, ensure there is a tick in the Users must enter a username
and password box
This activates the Users for this computer box
Click on the name you want to Autologon and then remove the tick from the
Users must enter a username and password box
Apply, and an Auto Logon screen asking for the user password appears
Ok and OK to finish, Reboot to autologon user

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