Auto Scale x-axis



e.g. The excel worksheet got 3 columns
Year Month (No. of cases happen in this month)
07 01 100
02 90
03 18
12 88
08 01 99
02 120

and plot a chart with the month/year as x-axis, the no. of case as the Y-axis.

How to auto scale x-axis if it contains data for 5 or even 10 years ?

Thank you.



Shane Devenshire


If there are just 12 months in each year then this will happen
automatically. Select all the data and choose Insert, Chart, click Next,
click the Series tab. Select Series1 and Remove it, select Series2 and remove
it. Click in the Category (X) axis labels box and enter =Sheet1!$A$1:$B$24
(or highlight the first two columns of the spreadsheet data. Click Finish.

If this helps, please click the Yes button

Shane Devenshire

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