auto color cells



i am trying to auto color cells,
For example: i want to change the color of cells A7,B7,C7 when i enter yes
or no into cell D7 or E7
so if i enter yes into D7 or E7 then A7,B7 and C7 would turn green and if i
enter no into D7 or E7 cells A7,B7 and C7 would turn red.

I have looked through the conditional formatting,but most of it is to much
for me.


Don Guillett

select ranges>condition 1> FORMULA is
format as desired



You need to consider what you want if the user enters yes in D7 and no in E7?

Assuming that is not an issue:
1. Highlight the range A7:C7
2. Choose Format, Conditional Formatting and choose Formula is from the
first drop down
3. In the next box Enter the formula =OR(D7="yes",E7="yes")
4. Click the Format button on the right and select the patterns tab, choose
a color
5. Click OK once
6. Click Add
7. In the second condition choose Formula is just like step 2
8. In the second box enter the formula =OR(D7="yes",E7="yes")
9. Repeat step 4
10. Click OK twice

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