Blank Cells,


Issam LAdki

Thanks for your previous invaluable help, and it seems I need it again.

I have the following formula in a spreadsheet in Cell E7


It does work as expected except for the first part
((ISBLANK(D7))," ",
Basically, what I am trying to do here is that if D7 is blank, then E7 will
also be blank, else continue with
the formula as shown (which incidentally works fine for the rest).

Thanks in advance for your help in this.



This works OK for me! You seem to have a lot of extra brackets in the
formula, but I'm guessing that is to help you track which bit does which

Issam LAdki

Thanks Andy, I cant see where it is going wrong then, becuase with me I get
#VALUE in cell E7 if D7 is blank. Will keep on trying to sort this out, but
anyway thanks for your help

Issam LAdki

Sorry I frogot to mention that D7 does contain a VLOOKUP formula, wonder if
this makes any difference
Sorry about this omission


ISBLANK() will always be false if you test a cell that has a formula. You
may want to test for LEN(D7)=0 instead.

Don't use so many parantheses in your formula. They make it hard to tell
what's going on, and easy to inadvertantly group the wrong things together,
leading to unexpected results that are hard to debug.

For instance, the first part of your formula

=IF((ISBLANK(D7)), could be =IF(ISBLANK(D7),

Issam LAdki

Sorry about delay, but the VLOOK up return either a time, in most cases, or
in some bases a blank cell.
Thanks again

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