authoritative restore of group policy objects and sysvol share

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If we do an authoritative restore on an OU for example which has a group
policy set to it or has links from other group policies, what affect would
authoritative restore have on the domain. From what I have been reading, I
need to restore the system state to an alternate location and then copy the
group policy from the alternate location sysvol share over the existing sys
vol share. Is this correct, has anyone done this. Do we then need to make
records of the guids of all group policies. And what does it mean by the
Sys vol share has to be published first.

Christian Schindler

Not sure if you really mean to do an "authoritative" restore of a GPO...

An authoritative restore sets the restored gpo's as "master" objects - with
the effect
that all policies on other DC's will be overwritten. Is that what you want
to do?

If you only want to restore a single gpo from backup than the way you
is correct: Restore the system state to an alternate location, restart the
dc, wait for
FRS to initialize(look for EventID 13516 in the FRS-Eventlog) and then
copy the GPO to the sysvol folder.


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