Auditing GPO Win2000



Hi,... I know that password GPO must be applied to the
default domian policy but how about auditing.

I want to be able to audit ALL member servers and ALL
domian controllers in my forest.

All my meber servers are in an OU called Terminal Servers.

Do I need to enable Auditing on GPOs and link them to the
Domian Controllers OU and also to the Terminal Serversw
or simply if I apply ther GPO to the Domain Controller OU,
will auditing work on all servers including member

Please advise

Steven L Umbach

You can audit auditing on any W2K computer either in Local Security Policy or via a
GPO in the container where the computer resides. In your case enable it on a GPO for
the Terminal Services OU. Auditing is part of "computer" configuration.--- Steve

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