Audio not playing in video frame



I have a Language program on CD called "French to Go"
which is okay when played Windows 98, however when played
on XP there is no audio with the video clip which plays
within a pretend Claude Monet 'picture frame'. The
programme plays other audio okay - but nothing within
this 'picture frame'

From the setup file information the programme seems to
use Video For Windows VFW 1.1d. When I look locate and
play the associated .AVI files separately the video and
audio work fine within Windows Media Player.

Is there some thing I can do to get this audio working
normally from within the program?




Is there a patch for XP? XP sometimes has problems
with programs from older versions of windows. I'd check
the company site of French to Go and see if they have an
XP Patch or look online on google.

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